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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new mixtape from rick shithouse

i just got this in the mail. it's been rolling for two days non-stop. it's on a regular high bias tape {denon dx1-90 with head cleaning leader} and it's kinda grainy and cool sounding. he did a great job of song selection. i only knew two tracks off the whole tape previously. i am listening on a jambox on my kitchen counter. it still is an amazing feeling to get an actual mixtape of a bunch of new stuff. {if you haven't heard it, it's new.} great getting a hand written note of the track listing. makes me want to go back and make a track listing for my last mix, but i'm afraid if i posted it, someone would make a cdr of the mix. which is like getting a henna tattoo of a real tattoo. mixtapes take time and effort. there's a line on my new record where i yell "i'm a mixtape junky, it might sound a little funky but baby do you know what i mean!!!!??" haha

i like to listen to a chunk of information over and over. and this will be spinning in the deck for a month or so. i'm not one of those guys that plugs in the ipod, and keeps skipping around where you never even hear a whole song, and then turns it down and starts talking. that's not what i think music is for. i think music is for hardcore listening. that's the way i've listened since i was a kid, and i'm sticking with that method. listening carefully to the bad brains is more interesting than listening to any single human being talk about anything. especially when i get to listen on my beloved jambox/tape combo.
i don't know why there's so much whining about music. there's more cool stuff being done than a person can listen to in a lifetime. lots of cool bands on the road, lots of cool bands putting out great music.

here's the track listing:

side A
c30,c60,c90 go bow wow wow
fuck all                        atari teenage riot
charred remains autopsy
back to dungaree high turbonegro
maggots in your coffin repulsion
right brigade        bad brains
you broke my heart wermacht
hypnotize               scritti politti
carfull of stash              gluecifer
stockhouse              kong
19                     mumakil
supermarket monstrosity old
bittersweet samba     herb alpert
whole lotta love    dread zeppelin
0078h            m83
{can't figure out what this one is}

side B
reagonomics dri
like rats        godflesh
see the constellation they might be giants
all the guys        intense degree
just friends       righteous pigs
moving dub dub specialist
armageddon siege
running out of time       mitch murder
simian kind groop dogdrill
corporation pull in terrorizer
russian roulette dr. and the ?
why am i i ?
oozing for pleasure       the hard ons
out future         larm
prime mover zodiac mindwarp
one side surprised paintbox
swinging skull 324
blown a wish my bloody valentine
dead        heresy