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Monday, November 14, 2011

i don't know how this happened

but i'm sitting here juking to a new cassette of my music that just came out.
it's a bunch of demos that i did for my new regular cd release that's called rocket. from my station in life [beneath the underground....i'm so far down it all looks up to me], they are a huge record company or label or whatever term you may prefer. i guess record companies get dogged a lot, but i'm blessed, they pretty much let me do whatever the hell i want to do and there's some cats that work there that are into my jazz so that's pretty cool as far as i'm concerned. anyways, i'm listening here at the kitchen table i recorded all the stuff to begin with, listening on an old jambox i got off ebay [man the batteries last forever in that thing]. i'm fortunate. the point of this is it feels like i got away with something really great ha. [like i just got the batter out with a low, outside, offspeed pitch]... listening to a new cassette. it's 2011. i love the dark murky swimmy sound these things have.
thanks for reading. thanks for listening.