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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

dave prewitt on rediscovering his tape collection

I  just had to replace my car. On my birthday, that's another creative story, although - this car's replacement had a cassette deck. I was, honestly, originally, a bit bummed. I thought "damn I can't use my ipod". I realized immediately that this indeed was the power of satan in today's music attempting to gain another for it's fiery onslaught of my radio dial. I knew I had some stash somewhere. I went to the garage, dug out THAT box, which became boxes - of old cassettes.
Yes cassettes. I kept a bunch. I have a small collection of things from the punk days which I kept, like Dead Kennedys, Big Boys, Peter & Test Tube Babies... More importantly I unearthed demos from local bands I had been given & bought through the 80's & 90's. I also have a mountain of live cassettes I have acquired or recorded through the years. Magical moments in time that no one could ever possibly relive if it weren't for this small amount of plastic. Some may say those moments are best lost and memorialized through  memories. My memories come to life when I hear the sound of the show I was at, the drunk next to me who thought he could sing "Texas Flood" better than Stevie Ray, the two guys who found time to fight during Tesla's "Love Song" - so many things I may not ever remember nearly as clearly without that audio reminder. Remember when you would spend time combing your vinyl or the radio dial waiting for THAT moment to record THAT song which would make the special mix tape perfect? I DO. Usually it was for a chick who didn't deserve it, other times for the best country drive you'd ever take. Cassettes definetly aren't cool, don't ever let anyone else know that they are. Turn it up!