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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

at the heart of it all: cotard's

uk's cruel nature is putting out some great music! this one is by at the heart of it all

this is an amazing work. i've had it on for about two days. roughly speaking, we get some abstract samples and loops at the top of the side [each side is one long track], sort of one at a time sneaking in and then gradually building into this rube goldberg-esque post, or work. dark and creepy yet, kinda warm too. very well conceived and executed. the killer artwork is an added bonus, however the music is the real gem here. it's sort of ambient/industrial or something, i'm not very good at those proper adjectives, but would simply state, you should get this, it's really great. here's the bandcamp. here's the cruel nature site. i really enjoy music like this where you keep listening and finding more and more things to grab onto with each pass. these guys are making great art.