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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the dictaphone, killer tape

i'm not really sure what the hell this is. but this tape is badass.
this is one of those tapes i got in an order a long time ago, maybe a year or something. i keep coming back to it, it's really great and deserves a mention. i'm a fan of that punk rock sound where it's like fender amp punk rock. crunchy but with reverb. i believe there's even some tremolo guitar stuff on there. anyway, the songs are great, the arrangements are wonderful and the poetry is spot on. really atmospheric and moody, but slammin' punk rock also. cool sounds and songs. sounds badass on tape. here's the bandcamp.  the tag on there says punk weird synth punk lo-fi. that's an apt descriptor. i've been playing this for about three days straight. i just keep flipping it. very cool. only 100 were made.