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Thursday, July 11, 2013

today's jam box

today i'm listening to a GE {lately i've been kind of obsessed with this brand} 3-5254-a.

when i was a kid growing up in belton, texas, pretty much all the family's electronics stuff was from charlie powell's GE appliance store in belton. so all the early tape decks and stereos i was exposed to came from this place. so i still hunt these down and try to get them going again. i found this on e-scam for about 20 dollars plus shipping. it was one of those classic things where the guy says "i'm not sure if it works or not." which means it doesn't work for sure. once it got belts and a good cleaning it was fine. pretty much the same thing that needs to be done on 95% of every broken tape deck you find. it works great now. it has a cool kinda mint green tint to the plastic cover on the meters and stuff {i LOVE meters, what a mistake when they quit putting those on there}. no need to mention how killer the radio reception is on these players. i like that weird stereo enhancer switch. and it has 1/4" output for headphones which is nice. the mic ins are 1/8" in with a remote control. and the outputs are rca speaker outs {post power chip}. i like this price range of stuff it has kind of a dark sound. i sometimes have trouble with an expensive stereo i never can tell if i'm hearing the mix or the rig. my frame of reference is these kinds of things.