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Friday, February 25, 2011

recent LA trip

so i went to LA to make a new record at my friend's place at the village.
article about the studio
it was a great place and we had fun. however, i kinda wanted to put my mixes on cassette.  and they weren't able to find a working deck in the place and no one had one.  last time i make a record without taking my own jambox, haha.  anyways.  so they had this room, where all the old tape machines went to die i guess, and i got to walk around in there.  i shot a movie on my phone, if you ever run into me somewhere i'll show it to you.  it's amazing. i did find this panasonic deck in there.  here's  a pic.
which was a pretty cool looking unit.  it was on a shelf in a storage room. all across the world there are stacks of cool gear like this waiting to be repurposed. let me know what you find.