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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sanyo ms 560 jam box

i got this for 85 bucks including shipping from this guy i know in nyc. it's a really cool balance between size and sound. small, but jukes pretty good. one thing i really like about this unit is the switches are all real nice and solid feeling. the five band graphic is pretty handy.  rca ins. real solid little design and sounds good. it sounds crisp and tight. full range except for the super low, on account of the speaker surface area, but still a really nice unit. it's a three piece but i never use that feature i like the focused sound of just the box itself. tape transport works perfectly. obviously you can see the soft touch buttons. only thing is the receptor plug for the wall wart is loose, so i'm just running it on batteries right now. i'm thinking that i have a different plug somewhere that might have a slightly larger barrel and would hold in there better. may have to replace that, just jamming on batteries now. also, the dude sent this badass mixtape with the unit, the first song is planet rock that old song, and then a whole tape of stuff like that, haha!
great car, hotel unit.