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Thursday, September 8, 2011

the live tape experiment of july 2011

hey musicians. here's an experiment that turned out great. i played a show recently and just set a jambox down on the stage at my feet.
the tape turned out great! since it sounds good where i'm at, voila the tape sounds good and i now have a tape document of that vibration. to me the sound is much more friendly and warm and comfortable than the typical board mix. and it's cool to hear what the musicians are saying off-mic. i just used a panasonic rx 4940 which is not a fancy box. no tweeters, but the battery life is really long and it's one i have been carrying around for a while. i used this position 1 maxell 110 tape. i tried to keep up with the fliperoonie during the set, but had to concentrate on what i was up to, though i could get that wired pretty good, perhaps setting an egg timer or somesuch. the sound just off the floor is really good, though it's harder to see what the status is.
if you'll notice in this photo, i'm juking to another tape, the savage young tater bug.

i'm working on some remixes for my label minner bucket records, and i'm going to do a mix where i play the track out of this box, re-record it, dump it back into ableton, and add some big ass drums to it, then maybe do the process again.