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Friday, September 16, 2011

review of cough cool's clausen

i love this music. the second song on the B side is called sucker and it's really great. there's lots to grab onto here in regard to layers and textures and songs.
the recording is really nice, and fits the tape format very well. not not fun records is doing some good stuff. i like the way you just have the song titles on the cover. really clean look. if you are a music fan and ever asked yourself, why in the world would i want to buy a tape in this day and age?……this is the answer. there is some really cool actual independent music coming out on this format. it's nice getting into the flow of the songs, the sequence is really nice on this. dreamy music that you can have on ambiently or directly juke to it. highly recommended. i have another tape of theirs that's great also on sweat lodge guru another really hep label. very cinematic music.