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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

so about a month ago i was traveling through southern oregon on a tour

and stopped for coffee in one of those small towns that's off the highway. imagine my delight in seeing in neon "tapes and records" on a shop window. perhaps it was "records and tapes".
so of course i just had to stop. i'm walking around in the shop with my friend, basically they just had a few new cds, some giant posters with pot leaves on them and some video games. not much in the shop and zero tapes. the fellow behind the counter asked if he could help us and we asked "your sign said you had tapes?" he laughed and said "oh man that sign is old, they haven't made tapes since 2001, they don't make those anymore, nobody listens to tapes or buys tapes!" and i just almost...just almost got into a conversation with him about how that might not exactly be true, but thought better of it and split.
however, right up the street i found a used record store that had some pretty cool used tapes. i found that one by suicidal tendencies called prime cuts, a compilation. it was 2.50. i bought four other ones. old stuff from the 80's, found a few things, but that one was really good.