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Monday, April 8, 2013

the mole people, first warning

the art quotient for this one is through the roof. the music is dark muffled and twisted. my favorite kind of mastering job where it sounds like you are listening through a wet dishtowel.
i'm not sure at what point the music wound up being saturated like this but i love it. there's a couple places where a guitar chord is struck and allowed to ring out, and the amp distortion plus the tape distortion is amazing. like it says on the website, the music is kinda dark, 60's sci-fi, garage, etc. the poetry, sound, and overall vibe is very well done. added bonus the graphics are all hand done and killer as well. i have number 13 out of 20 total tapes made. loved this music so much i bought the t shirt also. this kind of stuff is where it's at. the b side is a cover of baby lemonade.