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Friday, March 9, 2012

sony cfs-500, scored at local thrift shop for 43.60

yesterday, i was making a run of the local thrift shops {there's about 6 within a 8 mile radius} on the motorcycle, one never knows what one will find.

i walked in and boom there it was. there are some cosmetic scratches and a couple of dings, but the unit is really solid, everything is working perfectly. really nice sound. belts are tight, no noise on pots or switches. battery compartment was clean and antenna was straight. nothing missing. really nice addition to the collection.
other things i found, several nice looking home stereo decks for about 15 bucks each. perhaps 5 of them in various places. a cheap mini double that the B deck didn't work but the A deck did work and it was 8 dollars. a lot of tapes to wade through, i didn't see anything that caught my eye too much music wise but i keep looking. the other day at a thrift store in texas i found a curtis mayfield tape that is really good. and a big stack of unopened blanks i got for a quarter each. i did find a bunch of books on tape, which if it's a book you want to hear, is pretty cool.