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Monday, July 30, 2012

review of luna is honey

7.30.12   luna is honey

got this little nugget of gold in the mailbox. here's the scoop. 

the music is very cool, lots of fractured pop songs with reverby guitars and the drums mixed way up front, which is a cool sound. i don't know what the cd or files sound like, but they did a good job of mashing it onto tape just a bit to get a nice grainy sound. they did a good job of moving the music into the cassette format in general. the neat thing i like about records like this, is that from a point of perspective of now, it's possible for today's artists to harvest the most interesting elements of lots of types of music. so much has happened in the history of pop, and in fractured pop, that records like this can end up being a cool pastiche of interesting music. lots of great songs and playing on this, and the recording is really nice. i related to this music in that there's sections where it's a little like am gold from the 70's, then some punk rock, some 60's kinda pop all swirled together, it's a nice listen. recommended. the packaging and layout are really nice, they did a good job on that.   to stream with purchase option click this