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Friday, August 24, 2012

and you shall know jam box fans by the ink

so the other day i was driving through oregon and i stopped for gas. in that state, even at convenience stores, they have to pump it for you. so i get out of the car and this kid about twenty and the little vest comes up to the jeep. somehow, from interacting with him, i got the vibe he was coming out of the joint and was getting it together, and was a little embarrassed to be working in such a position. i could have made all that up, but that's the vibe i got. anyways, as we yakked, i noticed he had a badass tattoo of a jam box on his arm!
it looked like a hybrid of several models but basically looked like a jvc with those whacky tweeter horns {rc-m75}. so i told him, "you know i collect those things." his eyes lit up and he said "man i would so love to find one so i can listen to music with my daughter where do you get them?"
 and i told him "shucks they are all over you can find them on ebay, etsy, pawn shops, family, old radio stores, craigslist, they are all over because they made a zillion of them and they are just laying around and mostly they are free or near free, and you can fix them up." oh man his eyes lit up like he was stunned! hahah. he was like, "oh man....if i find one can you fix it for me?" and i told him "well i don't live around here but you can fix them yourself pretty much, there's tons of information on the internet about it and you can download the shop manuals for specific models. if you don't have a computer, go to the library and type in boom box in google, and you'll get about four million hits in .2 seconds."
i usually carry a jam box with me in the jeep, and if i would have had one, i would have just given him one, but i was getting ready to fly out of portland, so i had naught. i have about twenty of them at one time. yes i know it's kind of sad. haha.
anyways when i left he was staring off into space and dreaming of a jam box to crank up and listen to. we talked about how awesome old school hip hop sounds on one, and how cool the low end on there is, and how you can take them with you wherever you go and the music sounds exactly the same.