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Thursday, February 21, 2013

review of beaunoise, you never close your lips when i kiss your eyes

this tape is 100% right on. i don't really have a grading system, but if i did, this would be the big wazoo.  killer all the way through. highly recommended.
burger records, man they are doing great stuff, always finding cool stuff to juke to on their site. a friend sent me this, i hadn't heard of beaunoise, though turns out we have some mutual friends and i'm enjoying finding out more about his art.
here is his site: beaunoise site
now the tape. the music here is an awesome sample-based freak out. i have played it about 20 times front to back and i'm still going on it. it'll be in the player for the next week or so. it's hilarious and cool and sounds great. beau is a real engineer so the tones are a great blend of lo-fi and precision. the timing is all super tight. very well thought out and executed. a very enjoyable listen. i have a pretty good idea everything this guy works on is probably cool as shit. needless to say his use of the cassette medium is spot on. i like the graphics too. simple and funny.