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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

review of the garden, everything is perfect, on burger

this tape was super fun to play over and over. it was a cool experience, because the first time through, i couldn't "get" it.
     i was hearing kind of post punk joy division, some sort of space rockabilly, pop, oodles of reverb. but then after hearing it about three times straight through, i'm hooked and can't stop listening. so much great stuff i find is like that, at first it doesn't make sense, but if i hang in there, it starts to really sound great.
     this is a very well done work. excellent recording, i like the graphics and the overall length of the program is spot on. great singing, playing, and writing. very fun to listen to. i like just jumping into something and not anything on the bio side. that stuff can kind of detract from the music itself so it was cool to just dive in not knowing any background stuff. i searched some and found very little info on the group, they have a bandcamp site, and there are some texas tour dates so i reckon they are from there. i wrote them an email and told them they really did good with this and i just got a one word reply back "thanks". haha
     there's just two musicians near as i can figure, bass and drums, looks like two brothers and the bassist sings. the bass tone is super hep there's tons of reverb on the bass, and he's using a pick for some dick dale kinda lines and all different stuff. they play together really well and the compositions are well thought out. it restores my faith in the gizmo of music to find stuff like this. i'm going to play it all day.