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Friday, March 1, 2013

this tape is by grapefruit. it's a great listen.

this is an amazing instrumental synth recording. very well done.
the development of the music is really spot on. draws you in and kinda morphs as you go. this music is great for any time of the day really. it's pretty complex and composed or whatever, but it flows really smoothly. i got this from a really great tape label called field hymns, out of portland oregon. it's impossible for me to look at a web page like this and not start buying stuff.
it seems there's other synth artists putting stuff out on tape, the format sounds really good for that type of sound. the recording here, is great. it sounds perfect. i'm really enjoying this tape, i have some long drives coming up on a road trip and this thing will get played about 1000 times. the music kind of suspends time.
oh and i got a kick ass sticker! the tape is #21 of 100 total made.