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Monday, March 4, 2013


food pyramid. this is a live recording. really cool ambient music. every now and then i get ahold of something i really like in this neighborhood, and this one is it. after many repeated listenings, it's even better than i initially thought.
each side is one long track. ambient space music like this is really hard to do well. when it's great, it knocks me out. these folks nail this one. it's a great recording, of great ideas, in a unified field of vision. i can't really describe the music so much, it's like floating in space, or it's a soundtrack to a movie that you're in, and something unexpected is fixing to happen but it's all going to be cool. here's their bandcamp to check it out. this music works any time of day, and i've been playing it over and over. i love it. constellation tatsu has a great aesthetic. of course the artwork is very nicely done, the tape mastering and all are really great. i look forward to diving into more of this catalog. this music works superbly on tape. thank you for putting this out.