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Monday, March 18, 2013


so i'm on a tour and staying for a couple days with a friend that has a good vinyl collection.
i didn't have blanks with me, but we dug around in his stuff and pulled up a brick of position 1 C-60's. it was a really fun thing to do, to go through and record some mixtapes to add to my tape box in the car. made a couple for the trip, which has some long drives involved. nice way to add to my own collection is to make some tapes. it's cool with LPs the way you can sit and look at the covers and the record itself. they are making some badass colored vinyl these days. basically driving from far NW washington to LA and back again. gotta have the tunes. this was like a re-fueling stop of a whole different kind. the jam box i brought, is an old macdonald that i got from my friend miguel in NYC. it makes great live recordings and also is conservative on battery consumption, no tweeters though, and it's medium sized. i've been smoking it pretty hard on the same set of batteries for several days. nice to have the battery meter function and VU meters. batteries are still going, but i'm sure LA is going to kill them. ha!
here is a picture of my friend's mixtape collection. these are all lovingly made with handmade artwork etc. i got a dub of one of these he wanted me to have also.