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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new mixtape from rick shithouse

i just got this in the mail. it's been rolling for two days non-stop. it's on a regular high bias tape {denon dx1-90 with head cleaning leader} and it's kinda grainy and cool sounding. he did a great job of song selection. i only knew two tracks off the whole tape previously. i am listening on a jambox on my kitchen counter. it still is an amazing feeling to get an actual mixtape of a bunch of new stuff. {if you haven't heard it, it's new.} great getting a hand written note of the track listing. makes me want to go back and make a track listing for my last mix, but i'm afraid if i posted it, someone would make a cdr of the mix. which is like getting a henna tattoo of a real tattoo. mixtapes take time and effort. there's a line on my new record where i yell "i'm a mixtape junky, it might sound a little funky but baby do you know what i mean!!!!??" haha