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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

informative article on how to release your own tapes

this is a really good site, all the way around. this article here tells you lots of good information.
i like to peruse the reviews on this site and order stuff. tapes are usually very cheap, in the 6 dollar range, so i can come in here and experiment and get three things for the price of one cd. typically i order something, and then go on about my day and forget about it. then a few days later i go to the mailbox and it's like getting a present out of nowhere and it brightens my day. then it's fun to come home and sit and drink coffee and listen. there is so much great stuff out there. it makes no sense to me when folks complain about "music" or the "music business". i overheard a guy bitching the other day about the grammys. and i'm thinking, gosh, how much more far removed from my experience and interest could something like that be?
now the fact that the ugly husbands let you download a few of their out of print tapes, now THAT is some information i can use!!!!!!
sorry to digress, this article is very informative and perhaps you will enjoy it.
how to put out a taped cassette.