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Thursday, February 16, 2012

review of quilt

i bought a tape by quilt on burger records. 6 bucks. at radar hair and records in seattle, the owner let me listen to several things before making my purchase. this really caught my attention.

the tape has very little info on it, which i think is really cool, because the only thing left to do is listen!
there are some great sounds on here, and the songs and singing are great. really good tones, reverby guitar melodies that are kinda familiar and kinda strange at the same time. there were a couple of phrases that roll by and i was thinking wow, that's not the usual place that fingering is played against those changes. it's refreshing music. i've been playing it for two days straight. it just gets better. of course burger records has a pretty high level of quality. the music sounds really good on tape and i think the cassette format is flattering to this arrangement. they sing and play great and they have a great vision, or imagery of what they are up to. really enjoyed this and highly recommend it for music fans. i have number 160 out of 300. i can't believe this music sounds this cool and was only 6 bucks. gosh is there ever a lot of great music out there. this is some of it.
i found an interview on the 'net and one of the players referenced lamonte young…so that makes some sense there. cool.