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Friday, February 17, 2012

new box off epay

i got this off there, i was the only bidder. 29.95 plus the shipping. it's still in the original box. an old sears.
it's not collectable, but it's in perfect shape. and sounds pretty good. everything works. it's a one piece plastic box and the knobs are a little cheesy but it's basically brand new. sometimes you get burned on that escam trip. have to be really careful on there shucks. but this one turned out alright. it's nothing special but it's perfect and sounds pretty good. it's so funny when folks write and say "where do you get those things i haven't seen a cassette player in years!" well, you're running with the wrong crowd cuz those danged things are everywhere if you look. heck i saw one at a local thrift store that had a tv on it.