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Friday, February 17, 2012

review of hondo's mobius stripsearch, on the sanity muffin label

oh man, this tape is perfect. just what i was looking for.
i guess one of my favorite types of music is what i call twisted pop. where it sounds almost familiar but there's something different about the foundational elements or something. this tape is in there like that ...somewhere. i found it while perusing cassette labels in general, and found sanity muffin, and was able to sample some tracks and found this one...had to have it. it showed up really quick with a nice note and a couple free stickers. [take that warner brothers!]
the music. dig. very droney and ambient and reverby. dreamlike. snatches of things come and go. really good textures and tones. very interesting compositionally and also sonically. this kind of music sounds like real life so much more than other things i hear. where the dreams are alive and interfacing with the now and all these thoughts are flying by. it's very well done. a visionary work. these types of works are great on the cassette format, the noise floor and the way the program splits in half with A and B side make total sense with this.
the graphics are really well done. i'm a fan of very little info on the physical product. the music should speak for itself and i would rather it tell me the story. i think this tape is a perfect idea. right music, right format, right physical approach. okay i'm going back to juke on this.