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Friday, February 10, 2012

new jam box

a good friend of mine gave me this one. said it was in their dad's back bedroom covered in dust. here's the deal.
while not a super collectable unit in various capacities [plastic chassis, three piece construction, no vu meters, those dang dangling wires in the back], it sounds great and has the graphic which is really a nice feature. all the knobs work and as yet hasn't required any deoxit on the controls. even the antenna is nice and tight. battery compartment has no leakage. here's a strange feature of this unit, when record is engaged, the record head swings into the tape path mechanically which is kinda hep. also there is only one mic, so it records in mono {which is terrific!}. they made zillions of these kinds of things and they work pretty good and are all over the place. panasonic rx-c32. they'll run forever too and the battery life is really good. rca input jacks. output is only via headphone 1/8" jack. when i hear someone complain "oh man how is someone going to get a cassette deck in this day and age?" heck, lots of really good ones don't cost anything. a few strategically placed stickers and this jam box would be ready to go. how many of these are just sitting around? plenty to last till i'm dead, so i'm cool.

side note, a list of cool things that are gathering dust somewhere that you can just about get for free:
shotguns, sailboats, motorcycles, banjos, reel to reel tape recorders, bicycles, comic books. ...oh and jam boxes.