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Thursday, January 8, 2015

humongous who among us

this came to my mailbox. been playing it for a few weeks. this shit is pretty good!

i have no idea about the artist here and location, bio, story, and only have the music. this is a ...well "genre" is not the right term...but an oeuvre that i like to call fractured pop. it's like pop stuff [keys, drum machines], almost like you would have heard on the radio at some point, but it's kinda warped. 16 songs here and all are quite different, albeit from the same aisle in the grocery store if you get my drift, the program goes together. tones are good. sounds like he just makes lots of stuff at home. i'm guessing he plays most of the instruments too, again i could be wrong about that. but it sounds like the music is sort of coming from the same "place" or focus, so that adds a neat layer to it. he understands how songs go together and orchestration and those types of elements very well.  the songs are good. this is a good tape. only 100 made on purple. here is the bandcamp link.