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Thursday, February 26, 2015

mountain of wizard. buy this now!

this is the most badass shit i've heard in a long time whoa. you should order this now if you like music. instrumental doom/sludge.

i don't remember where i found out about this awesome band. but off one of their videos on youtube, i was able to communicate with one of the members and he was really cool. i had to buy a shirt too i'm a total music freak.

two points. first... metal of all kinds, to me, sounds best on cassette. rocking this thing out full volume is a real treat. it's a perfect answer to the question, "why bother with tape anyway?" because it kicks major ass and really flatters heavy music.
second, this band is amazing. riff after riff, super heavy. great recording great vibe. this is the most perfect cassette i've found in a long long time. great job guys.

side note, what is exciting in the metal world is, i feel like the newer bands are actually surpassing the older masters of the form. this phenomenon is not happening in many types of music, but in metal, it's happening. very exciting and cool to explore this concept more. in many types or genres of music, one is better off listening to the older recordings of the masters. it's very important to realize that within this form, it's still growing and expanding and getting better, that's really hep.

PS, there is something really funny in regard to the sequencing of this tape and when you figure it out you will laugh pretty hard.