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Thursday, January 27, 2011

fixed this one today

fixed this one today.  one of the guys on a jambox forum told me how to make it happy again.  it's smaller but is a pretty good travel box.  metal case.  the tape counter is nice.  it's not very bassy but it's pretty cool.  the belt is really tight, the FFW and REW blaze along pretty good.  i bought it for my collection to have a jambox for the suitcase.  one that wouldn't take up too much room, but with which you could still do the hotel juke.  with headphones it has a fair amount of  boom, but it's not great.  and the antennae has this weird trip where it goes down inside.  like an old cadillac.  most of the boxes, the antennae rides on the outside.  it's pretty well made and the switches are nice.  also instead of a balance fader, it has two volumes, left and right.  i think i paid about 40 bucks for it.