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Monday, January 31, 2011

review of faux jerome

okay.  get this one.  no kidding, this is one of the best records i've heard in quite some time.  not only is the music cool, but the packaging was really great.  this is an awesome tape.
first off, the music.  really cool samples, drum loops, drum machines, recorded in a kind of grainy way.  it's sort of like an 8mm film in audio.  each piece is kind of a scene.  some of the tracks are songs and some are cinematic event things that build and shift around.  i was really happy with the sound, ideas, and the execution.  the music is it's own stew that draws upon many sources.  some dubstep type basses waft in, and samples off old records and movies.  always around a pretty interesting drum concept. this music works great in the cassette format.
secondly, the box.  this was probably the coolest package design i can remember seeing in any post LP format. the picture won't really do justice to the tactile experience, there's a swatch of red flannel in there, and this picture out of an old magazine ad, and this cool light blue cassette.  i was really impressed with the interesting package design.  it reminded me of the music, low tech, but well done.  {maybe a better term would be it's-own-tech.}
overall i thought this effort was fantastic.
on lost sound tapes out of seattle.  i got a hand written thank you note from the owner of the label inside the envelope.  there were only 100 made.  it was only five bucks.  i can't say enough about how much i enjoy this tape.
lost sound tapes