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Thursday, January 27, 2011

there is a universe of great music, that you are probably missing

animal psi

this site is amazing.  tons of tapes of music i've never heard before.  i like to shop here and randomly buy things.  lots of stuff with shipping is under ten bucks and they throw in stickers and stuff.  like, way under ten bucks.  it's pretty cool, you make your order, and then go about your business, and then a few days later you get this gift to yourself at the mailbox.  it's really fun to go down the list of labels on the left side and just randomly read and listen to samples.  when i hear someone whining about music, how they just don't make it like they used to and music today is so predictable and uninspired, i just let 'em go.  there's more stuff out there than a person can even listen to in a lifetime.  there's always great, creative people doing badass stuff for the win/win.  and figuring out different ways of making it available.  this is a great time to be in music, and to be into music.  i have a need to stimulate my brain with different sounds.  cassettes are really the format for this right now.