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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

review of pizazz, get out of my house

so i like to just buy tapes willy-nilly from some of these labels that i like.  one of the coolest labels i've found for twisted pop music {one of my favorite genres} is burger records.  that's how i found the pizazz.  the tape is called get out of my house.  i'm not super familiar with the references or parameters these guys are working with.  there's a particular sound they work with on here and develop.  not knowing too much about it is kind of a relief to me.  it's nice to just to get into something because one likes the songs and the playing and the way it's recorded and the aesthetic, and not because you have a bio and narrative all memorized.  i really thought these guys were from england, there are some kind of mid-period british pop motifs on here. turns out they are from detroit.  anyways, i really like this tape.  the songs are really well done.  the poetry is well rendered.  and it's recorded kinda hot and mushy which highlights the material in a very flattering way.  it's a very interesting combination of well done and lo-fi that is compelling.  it's cool the way the beats swim around in places, in other words, it isn't quantized.  and that's pretty hep.  this tape represents what i think is cool about this stuff.  an interesting label, putting out cool music, and it's inexpensive so you can buy things just because you want to find out about it.  there are some really good songs on here.  my copy is number 85 out of 250.  it's nice the way the cassette format kind of forces you to listen straight through.  i just put one in and play it over and over for a couple days.  the font on the cover reminds of the ones i used to get from columbia house or whatever in the 70's.  but in kind of a funky funny way.