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Saturday, January 29, 2011

jam box collection from gluecifer

gluecifer's jam box collection

my friend rick put his collection up on youtube in a short video.  he lives in australia and some of the models don't look like they were available here in the states? i'm not sure.
a box that's kinda piqued my interest is the jvc that has the detachable walkman, the pc rm 100jw.  in red.  i don't see that in there, looking again.  here's a video of that particular unit.  jvc pc rm 100jw  i'll email him and ask him.
however, rick has got stacks of the classics and some weirdo ones too.  check out the 777 still has the stickers on it!! this is some serious geek-age.
there was a fellow over here in vancouver ca that had that jvc i'm referring to on ebay last year and i watched it like a dog looking in a butcher shop, but it went kinda crazy towards the end of the auction.  it had a slight belt issue seems he said the REW was slow. sometimes if auctions end at weird times of the day you can get in there and get stuff cheap.  i'm up at all weird hours and i check.  i never understood folks that would bid their max amount and then walk away.  it just drives the price up for everyone else.  i think the best form is to lurk and then hop in there in the last 45 seconds.  but then again i buy on there and never sell anything.  you have to be really careful on ebay, there's lots of shitheads on there.